Pink Camo Table Cover

Pink Camo Table Cover
SKU: 39518

One 54 by 108 inch Pink Camo Table Cover. When your camo party needs a woman's touch, look no further than our Pink Camo Table Cover to help you out! This heavyweight plastic table cover features an all-over print of Next G-1 Vistaâ„¢ camouflage, a high definition pattern that will turn your table into a forest. A fun pink background helps your plates, napkins, cups, and decorations stand out. Our Pink Camo Table Cover protects your tables and makes clean-up a breeze. Simply gather disposables on top, wrap the whole thing up, and toss. Or, save your table cover and reuse it as a drop cloth for messy crafts!
One 54 by 108 inch Camo Girl Table Cover.

This package includes the following: