Thomas the Train Wall Mural (1 set)

Thomas the Train Wall Mural (1 set)
SKU: 22114

One Thomas the Tank Wall Mural. Upon arrival you will get 2 peel and stick Thomas the Tank wall stickers that assemble to make a 27 inch high x 40 inch wide wall mural. This wall mural will look so awesome stuck on a wall right behind your party table. After the party you can peel the wall mural off and reposition it in your child's bedroom or playroom. For added decoration pair with our Thomas the Tank Wall Stickers and Growth Chart.

NOTE: In all applications, it is always best to test wall stickers in an inconspicuous area. If the surface is textured, uses wallpaper, or any other delicate surface, performance could be seriously diminished. Make sure surface is clean of dust and dirt or you may compromise the adhesive and ruin the product. Also note if you are applying to newly painted walls wait at least 10-15 days before applying wall stickers.

This package includes the following: