Wild Animals Cake Decorating Kit (3 pcs.)

Wild Animals Cake Decorating Kit (3 pcs.)
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One 3 piece Wild Animals Cake Decorating Kit. Each kit includes:
  • One 2.75 inch tall x 2 inch wide gorilla figure
  • One 5 inch long x 2.5 inch tall lion figure
  • One 5.75 inch long x 2.37 inch wide x 1.75 inch tall elephant figure. (Note: this figure does not have a bottom half as it is intended to appear half-submerged on the cake.)
Your little adventurer will be thrilled by this awesome cake kit! It's super easy to use and fun to play with after the party, too. Just place your Wild Animals Cake Decorating Kit on any store-bought or homemade cake.

Wild Animals Cake Kit Instructions

Supplies Needed:
Wild Animals Cake Decorating Kit
1/4 sheet cake

Icing Tips Needed:
#4, #12, #32, #133, #352

For Airbrushing:
#5901 Golden Brown, #5895 Royal Blue, #9613 Harvest Brown, #5902 Olive Green
Icing Colors Needed:
For Piping:
#5837 Olive Green, #9527 Brown, #9507 Royal Blue, #9137 Forest Green, #9640 Neon Green

  1. Using a small spatula, mound icing to form hills and cave.
  2. Airbrush land areas and sides of cake Golden Brown #5901.
  3. Lightly airbrush top of cake Harvest Brown #9613 and Olive Green #5902 as shown.
  4. Airbrush river Royal Blue #5895.
  5. Using tip #32, pipe Olive Green #5837 shell border on bottom.
  6. Using tip #32, pipe Brown #9527 shell border on top.
  7. Using tip #12, pipe Royal Blue #9507 piping gel on river.
  8. Using a small spatula, create texture on water.
  9. Using tip #4, pipe Forest Green #9137 vines.
  10. Using tip #352, pipe mixed Neon Green #9640 and Olive Green #5837 leaves.
  11. Using tip #133, pipe Brown #9527 grass.
  12. Place cake kit on cake as shown. Note: If a clear plastic tray is provided, place kit onto tray prior to placing on food.

Please note that this cake decorating set does not include the cake, icing, icing colors, or icing tips

One 3 piece Wild Animals Cake Decorating Kit. Each kit comes with a gorilla cake figure, an elephant cake figure, and a lion cake figure.

This package includes the following: