Cinderella Air Walker Balloon

Cinderella Air Walker Balloon
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One 30 x 48 inch Cinderella Air Walker Balloon. Your party guests are going to go NUTS over their kid-size Cinderella Air Walker Balloon, and your little Disney Princess is going to be tickled to pieces with her new playmate. Fill your Cinderella Air Walker with helium and let her go. Everyone has more fun at a party when the decorations are over-the-top. Having a favorite character "wandering" around the party area is as good as it gets!

After your party, your daughter will have hours of pretend-play fun with her Cinderella Air Walker Balloon. Cinderella can join your little girl for a tea party, or simply hang from the ceiling in her bedroom as a fun decoration.

Please note that Air Walker Balloons do not actually take steps. When filled with helium, the weights in her feet hold her feet on the floor, and air currents in the room move them around to provide the illusion that they are walking around.
One 30 x 48 inch Cinderella Air Walker Balloon.

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