Colorful Party Kit For 10

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One Colorful Party Kit for 10. Package includes:

  • Two 7.5 inch cone Party Hats
  • Four 10 inch cone Party Hats
  • Four 6.75 inch cone Party Hats
  • Ten 16 inch Bead Necklaces
  • Five 7.5 inch Foil Horns
  • Five 7 inch Fringed Squawkers
  • One 2.50 oz package of multi-colored Foil Confetti

Dress your guests in style with our Colorful Party Kit! This multicolored kit will coordinate with almost any party theme. People always get excited when they see party hats, horns, and beads arranged on a table, theirs for the taking. Watch how excited your guests will be to get all gussied up for the celebration!

The items in this kit are packaged by the manufacturer. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a certain number of each color item.

One Colorful Party Kit for 10.

This package includes the following: