DC Super Hero Girl Pull String Pinata

DC Super Hero Girl Pull String Pinata
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One 18 x 21.75 inch DC Super Hero Girl Pull String Pinata. It features 20 pull-ribbons and your favorite DC Super Hero Girl characters. This double-sided pinata is a safer alternative to traditional pinatas, making it perfect for smaller children as well as older kids. It ships empty and will hold lots of wrapped candy and small favors. Because our DC Super Hero Girl Pull String Pinata doesn't break apart, your child can display it in his or her room after the party is over!

How To Play:
  • Before the party, locate the pinata fill hole. Fill the pinata with candy and small prizes. (We have a large selection of affordable party favors for you to choose from.)
  • Hang the pinata low enough so that everyone can reach a string.
  • Have your guests sit or stand in a circle around the pinata.
  • Allow each guest to take turns pulling firmly on the ribbons attached at the bottom of the pinata one at a time. Only one of the ribbons will open the trap door that will release the candy and goodies inside.

This package includes the following: