Dog Selfies Photo Prop Kit, NPW

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One 11 piece Dog Selfies Photo Prop Kit. This kit contains 11 cardboard pieces, 6 wooden sticks, 1 dry erase marker, and a strip of double-sided sticky dots. Props include:

  • One glasses piece
  • One tongue piece
  • One suit coat piece
  • One necktie piece
  • One ladies' hat piece
  • One beer mug piece
  • One goofy mouth piece
  • One "ruff day" speech bubble
  • One "I lost my dog-nity" speech bubble
  • One "They call me The Dogfather" speech bubble
  • One wipe-off dog shaming board

This Dog Selfies Photo Prop Kit features glossy, double-sided cutouts that you can use to create silly photos of your dog. Just attach the sticks to the props using the included tape. There's even a wipe-off board that lets you write, erase, and re-write your own "dog shaming" messages. Share your pictures on social media, and save them for your doggy's photo album!

This package includes the following: