Emojinal Selfies Photo Prop Kit (15 pcs.)

Emojinal Selfies Photo Prop Kit (15 pcs.)
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One 15 piece Emojinal Selfies Photo Prop Kit. This kit contains 10 emoji faces, 5 wooden sticks, and one strip of double-sided sticky dots. Props include:

  • Two pug pieces
  • One crying piece
  • Two heart pieces
  • One angry piece
  • One vomiting piece
  • One happy piece
  • One annoyed piece
  • One confused pieces
  • One bored piece
  • One heart hands piece
  • One face palm piece
  • One silly piece
  • One flirty piece

This Emojinal Selfies Photo Prop Kit features glossy cutouts that you can use to create silly photos of you and your friends. Just attach the sticks to the props using tape. Share your pictures on social media, and save them for your party photo album!



This package includes the following: