Hip Hop Hopper 12 count

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Twelve 4 inch Hip Hop Hoppers. SPROING! Get your party jumping with these addictive little toys! Hip Hop Hoppers are made up of a plastic mesh base topped with a foam ball. The woven, cone-shaped base acts like a spring when you press down on the ball, and rockets the hopper high into the air when you release. Slip a Hip Hop Hopper in each treat back, then have a contest to see whose hopper goes the highest!

Tip: Place the hopper on a flat surface like a table. Grasp the foam ball at the sides (rather than pushing down from the top) so that your fingers are out of the way when you let go. You can also press the hopper onto the palm of your hand, close your fingers over it, and launch it directly from your hand!

Please note that the Hip Hop Hoppers are pulled randomly and ship assorted. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a particular one of the four styles.
Twelve 4 inch Hip Hop Hopper.

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