Minions Beach Party Cake Decorating Kit

Minions Beach Party Cake Decorating Kit
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One Minions Beach Party Cake Decorating Kit. Each kit includes:
  • One 3.5 inch long x 2.5 inch wide x 2 inch tall Minion-on-a-floatie
  • One 1.75 x 1.75 inch snorkeling Minion pick
  • 2.25 x 2.75 inch swimming Minion pick
  • 7 x 3.12 inch island background pick
Arrange your Minions Beach Party Cake Decorating Kit on your frosted cake for a fun-in-the-sun sugary delight. You can also arrange 24 cupcakes, frost, and arrange the pieces on top. The silly Minion riding on a floatie piece can be played with after the party, so the fun just goes on and on. Serve your Minions Beach Party Cake with banana splits or banana ice cream.

Please note that cake, cupcakes, and icing are not included. Also, the pick measurements do not include the pick portion of the piece. The measurement reflects the decoration portion's measurements.

Supplies need:
1/4 sheet cake

Icing tips needed:
#895, #12, #5

Icing colors needed:
For Airbrushing: Royal Blue #5895, Golden Brown #5901, Teal #5898,
For piping: Sunset Orange #9530, Sky Blue #9526, Leaf Green #9529

  1. Airbrush sides of cake Royal Blue #5895 as shown.
  2. Using tip #895, pipe White band around base of cake.
  3. Using tip #12, pipe Sunset Orange #9530 border on bottom.
  4. Using tip #12, pipe White hills. Smooth.
  5. Using small angled spatula, create waves in water as shown.
  6. Airbrush sand Golden Brown #5901.
  7. Airbrush water Teal #5898 with Royal Blue #5895 highlights.
  8. Using tip #12, pipe Sky Blue #9526 border on top.
  9. Using tip #5, pipe Leaf Green #9529 grass tufts.
  10. Place DecoSet items onto cake as shown.
  11. Place toy/decoration onto tray prior to placing on food.
One Minions Beach Party Cake Decorating Kit.

This package includes the following: