Posted by Luke Smith on Dec 12th 2018

Do you happen to know a little warrior or sports fan with a birthday fast approaching? If that's a yes, then why not take advantage of this AMAZING weather and have a celebration outdoors with our Nerf Party Series! Nerf themed parties are usually centered around activities and party games, and while you can certainly go all out if your budget allows, there are also lots of ways that you can celebrate and have a great time outdoors without breaking the bank (these Neon Water Grenades Fun Pack and Rainbow Comet Fliers are just a couple of fun and inexpensive entertainment options).

I imagine that most of you are probably familiar with Nerf and the products they offer, which range from foam dart launchers of all shapes and sizes to foam sporting goods such as footballs, dodge balls, and the like. I was doing a little research while preparing to write this post and found some impressive (and no doubt expensive) Nerf parties that people have put together, but what I found to be especially neat about all these parties were the creative DIY touches such as homemade games and props that planners had added. So if you're willing to get crafty (which I'm sure you are), this Nerf party gives hosts an array of options and opportunities when it comes to entertainment as well as budget size. :)

Whatever party game or activity that you decide to incorporate into your celebration, our Nerf party supplies are sure to provide the perfect backdrop for your birthday jamboree! Let's take a closer look at all of the goods that our Nerf series offers!

These Target Blaster Personalized Photo Invitations are perfect for sending out to family or close friends! Our Target Blaster Personalized Invitations also keep your guests in the know while keeping costs low!

Keep the party clean and mean with these Nerf Lunch Napkins and Nerf Beverage Napkins

It seems that Nerf is known for utilizing bright and bold colors in regards to their toy dart launchers and sports items, making our tableware and decor a perfect match in terms of hue and attitude. From the invites to the wall decor, everything seems to emanate a sense of high stakes fun, as if from the moment you receive your invitation you realize that you're in store for a day spent in friendly competition and playing the sun out of the sky.

You'll notice that pretty much all of the decor seems to adhere to the Nerf logo of bold oranges and blues. However, if you like to mix and match tableware and decor, this is the perfect opportunity to do a little customizing! Consider adding some extra color to your celebration by way of our Solid Color Party Supplies and Party Essentials selections! We offer tons of decor and tableware options from which to choose!

These Nerf Lunch Plates and Nerf Dessert Plates not only look sweet, they can also hold all of the party treats you can eat!


Our Target Blaster Personalized Large 5 Ft. Banner and Target Blaster Party Poster are designed in house by our creative team and can be customized with a special birthday message, how cool is that?! All at great price, I might add.

Before we dive in to the activity and entertainment portion of our Nerf party, just know that you really can't go wrong no matter which route you choose. There are oodles and schkaboobles of awesome Nerf gear that you can buy online or find at any large department store, and if your budget allows you can no doubt host a completely amazing Nerf inspired throw down with little effort and sweat equity. But, if you find yourself leaning toward a DIY approach, buddy, have I got some cool stuff to show you!

A quick search of Nerf Party ideas online will yield tons of results showcasing everything from DIY Nerf battlefields to Nerf inspired treats, but I wanted to share a couple of my favorites that I came across. There seems to be an underlying theme and focus on sparking an interest and curiosity in engineering when it comes to several of these DIY projects, which I think is awesome. My favorite had to be this Spinning Target Board, for real, just go check it out even if you aren't throwing a Nerf party haha. Such a cool idea. This simple, yet super effective Nerf Dart Belt  is also an awesome idea! Let your creativity run wild and tag us in some of your Nerf party pics. #BirthdayDirect

This Target Blaster Personalized Centerpiece and Target Blaster Centerpieces make perfect additions to any Nerf celebration!

If your budget allows, grab some laser tag setups. Your kids and their guests will thank you!

On to the party treats! A quick search of the web will reveal a plethora of impressively styled cakes, candies, and the like, all done up in neat Nerf fashion. One of my favorite treats that I ran across had to be a platter of baby carrots topped with half of a black olive to resemble a Nerf dart, what an awesome idea! You can pair these with ranch or the dip of your choice for a fun and healthy party treat. Another interesting idea that I came across was this recipe for Push Pop Cakes which could easily be changed to give your push pops a more Nerf-y look!

Our Nerf Dangling Swirl Decorations and Dark Blue 25 in. Tissue Fan both make stunning additions to any Nerf celebration!

These Mini Splash Balls and Rainbow Comet Fliers make great party favors or can be used for party games!

Well, I suppose this brings our Nerf post to a close. This is such a fun party series, I hope that no one feels like they have to have a colossal budget in order to pull this one off, because you don't! With a DIY spirit and some time, your own custom Nerf party can be an experience that your children and their guests will fondly remember long after childhood has given way into adulthood. That's what it's all about, right? Be sure to grab some of the cool favors featured in the image above, or grab a few of these sweet Hip Hop Hoppers to hand out to your guests as they leave the party! We hope your own gnarly Nerf-o-rama is an all around success!

Also, don't forget that all of our online customers are subject to great benefits like free shipping on qualifying orders and same day order processing! We appreciate that you've entrusted Birthday Direct with the task of supplying your next party or event with quality party supplies, and our online selection and dedication to customer satisfaction reflects that. We're here if you need us, good luck with your own Nerf Party!

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it's what we do!