Ninja Party

Ninja Party

Posted by Luke Smith on Sep 11th 2019

It is foretold that on some fateful day, a warrior of the darkest sable will emerge from the shadows and assemble a band of equally caliginous mercenaries. This band of skilled shadow warriors will then observe a sacred day of commemoration and participate in an ancient ritual known as... the birthday celebration....

 I've come to realize that I have the most fun writing about party supplies that I would've liked as a kid. Said realization then gifted me with a brief moment of introspection, the findings of which I'll share with you now: if you read a blog entry that begins with a dramatic, 80's video game style introduction in italics, it's safe to say that I'm pumped and my inner child is at the helm/keyboard. 

Our Ninja Party Collection ranks right up there with our 8 bit/Video Game Party Supplies in my book, partly because a ninja-themed party is one I would've loved to have had or attended as a kid, but mostly because of the design, colors, and characters that it features. These party supplies are fun, exciting, and there's something about the ninja characters that makes me want to attempt karate moves. However, if ninjas don't do it for you, then be sure to check out our comprehensive collection of Kids Birthday Party Supplies! We have over 140 separate kids collections to choose from, all of which are expertly designed and are available at prices that won't break your budget. 

If ninjas are your thing, then you're in good company. Let us venture forth and reveal the inner workings of this mysterious and fun-filled collection!

Keep your ninja pals in the know with our Ninja Party Custom Invitations and employ our low stress and inexpensive Ninja Party Value Party Kit to entertain them once they arrive!

Jot down all of your party details on these Ninja Party Fill-in Invitations, and then grab some custom Ninja Party Address Labels to speed up the invitation mailing process! 

If you're like me and don't have a ton of time to dedicate toward party planning, then our Ninja Party Value Kit has got your back. Our Value Kits contain enough tableware and decorations to host and serve up to 16 guests, and once your kit arrives you can be ready to party in a matter of minutes! Our customizable Ninja Thank You Cards are also handy for following up with your guests after the party and thanking them for their attendance, you can even enter your own custom message when you place your order!

 Legend has it that small ninjas can be rather messy when it comes to food. Luckily, our Ninja Party Lunch Napkins and Black Stripe Table Cover will help protect your space from the compact, yet stealthy ones.

Being a covert shadow warrior can be taxing, grab some of our Ninja Party Dessert Plates and Ninja Party Lunch Plates and refuel with some delicious party grub!

 If you have the time, budget, and are planning an all-out ninjitsu jamboree, we can help with that too! Try mixing and matching items like the napkins, tablecloths, and plates pictured above to get off to a great start! 

Once the essentials that we've covered are in order, we can move on to the really fun stuff; decorations! We have tons of great decor options ranging from banners and door greeters to table centerpieces, diy items, and more! View our full selection of Ninja Party Decorations and turn your party space into a sweet ninja hideout in 3-5 business days or less!     

These Ninja Party Girl Table Decorations and Ninja Party DIY Table Decorations look great at any Ninja Party!

Our Ninja Party Custom Centerpiece and Ninja Party Centerpiece will bring ALL of the kung-fu vibes to your ninja gathering!

As far as treats and entertainment are concerned, there are so many ninja-themed recipes and activity ideas out there that it's bonkers. One of my favorite treats would have to be this Candy Sushi Roll, it's such a creative snack and, depending on age, one that your kids can help prepare. 

Entertainment can also be as wild as you wanna be. If you have the budget and wanna go all out, setting up a diy obstacle course or grabbing one of these Ninja Training Lines would make for an awesome party activity! If the aforementioned puts your budget in an arm bar, then an easy and cheap activity can be just as fun. Grab some of our Inflatable Swords and Balloons and start a game of, "don't let the balloon hit the ground!". Getting your kids and party guests involved will add some excitement, have some volunteers help inflate swords and balloons and give your lungs a break as well!

Celebrate your little shinobi or kunoichi's big day with our Ninja Party Large DIY Cutouts and Ninja Party Custom Party Billboard!

Our Ninja Party Wall Decor and Ninja Party Custom Door Greeter will ensure that your theme resonates with guests from the moment they arrive!

Well done, your secret ninja circle has successfully completed the ancient day of birth ritual. Your endeavors and achievements will live on in legend and thrive in the hearts of all those who were present. Now, as you and your ninja comrades disperse to lay in wait for the next mission, consider gifting a small memento of gratitude upon your fellow ninjas for their efforts. Bestowing a prized, "party favor" will enable all those who participated to access memories of this valiant day for decades to come.

 If you'd like to send your guests home with a special keepsake or party activity, we have loads of neat and affordable party favors to choose from. The items pictured below may be just what you're looking for in a party favor, but if you'd like to see more, then check out our full selection Ninja Party Supplies and Party Favors. We at Birthday Direct sincerely hope that your Ninja Party was an all-out success, good luck and see you next time!

Send your ninja pals home with some Ninja Girl Favor Stickers and Ninja Party Favor Stickers!

Domino the Panda makes a great (and cute) gift on the cheap, while our Ninja Figure Party Favors are a super affordable favor option!

We know that party planning can be a stressful task, that's why we aim to make the experience as pleasant and as simple as possible. When you shop with Birthday Direct, you can take advantage of great benefits like same day order processing on orders placed before 3 p.m. CST and free shipping on qualifying orders so that you can stay on budget and still bring your party plans to life. Good luck with your Ninja Party celebration, and remember that Birthday Direct is always here for any and all of your party planning needs!

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it's what we do!