Video Game Party

Video Game Party

Posted by Luke Smith on Feb 22nd 2019

"It was long ago predicted that on a scheduled day of celebration, an ordinary room in an ordinary house would be magically transformed into a lair of wonder and festivities by way of amazing party decor and precise planning. Your role in this festivity and quest is as follows: assemble a courageous band of friends and heroes and venture into the heart of this "8 bit" jubilee. You must then sample all sweets and treats you encounter, then secure the sacred relics known as "party favors". Your role in this day of fun will not soon be forgotten; farewell, and good luck ".

If you couldn't tell by that little intro, this is hands down my favorite party series that we offer! With the recent introduction of vintage, "mini" game consoles that hold dozens of classic 8 bit games, it appears 8 bit and retro gaming is back in a big way. So, if you're looking to host a gaming night and bask in sweet nostalgia, or if you'd like to introduce your kids to the games you loved when you were their age, our Video Game Party Supplies provide the perfect back drop for an evening of vintage gaming fun! Every item in this series boasts bold and bright colors while showcasing 8 bit-style graphics that stay true to the glory days of old.

You may find that your perfect party quest has put you in the market for specialty items or complementary decor; if so, our gargantuan selections of Party Essentials and Party Favors are sure to hold any party treasure that you seek. Now, let us venture forth for a look inside this awesome 8 bit collection!

Our Gaming Party Lunch Napkins are valiant enough to tackle any mess, while our Gaming Party Lunch Plates can easily support herculean portions of pizza and sweets!

Pile up some sweets on our Gaming Party Dessert Plates, then fill our Gaming Party Cups with your favorite beverage and enjoy!

While I probably don't fall into the die-hard 8 bit gamer category, I have logged my fair share of hours on various 8 and 16 bit consoles throughout the 90s and into present day 2018. With that being said, if my kid received one of these neat 8 bit personalized invitations like the one pictured below, my interest would be piqued and I would be eager to get in on the fun. That's one of the coolest things about this collection; most of today's younger parents grew up playing the 8 bit classics that are becoming popular again, making an 8 bit style celebration a great opportunity for parents to share part of their own childhood experience with their children. If you're hosting a Video Game party for your own little hero and are looking for an inexpensive and fun party activity, consider equipping your guests with some of our 8 bit Knight or Ninja Box Heads and a few of our Inflatable Swords. Your child and their friends will know exactly what to do; watch as they storm the party gates and recreate some glorious 8 bit adventures!


Send out special party info to your guests with our 8-Bit Personalized Invitation, or make the guest of honor feel extra-special with out 8-Bit Personalized Photo Party Poster and 8-Bit Personalized Centerpiece!

Keep the table clean and treasures unseen with our Gaming Table Cover and 8-Bit Treasure Chest

Looking for some treats to serve at your game night or birthday party? Honestly, some pizza, soda, and chips are hard to beat when it comes to an 8 bit themed jamboree, but throwing in a cake or a delicious dessert or two certainly won't hurt anyone's feelings! Here are a couple of delectable discoveries I made while scouring the inter-webs in search of 8 bit themed desserts. These cool cupcakes that I came across are inspired by the Triforce, a fictional artifact from the 8 bit classic The Legend of Zelda, and no doubt taste as lovely as they look. The second and IMO the coolest confection that I came across was this Link Birthday Cake; what a neat idea! Unfortunately, neither site had recipes listed, but I felt these images might stoke the creative embers and inspire you to whip up some custom desserts for your own gathering. :)

Make sure you have enough snacks for all of your party guests, including parents who stay for the festivities. They'll most likely need to refuel after flaunting their retro gaming prowess!

Our Gaming Party Dangling Swirl Decorations  look great hung throughout the party, while our 8 Bit Mini Cutouts and 8-Bit Favor Boxes are perfect for extra decor or party favors!

Gather your band of heroes and pose for photos in front of our Forest 8-Bit Party Backdrop! You can also place these Gaming Party Honeycomb Centerpieces throughout your party for extra 8 bit vibes! Then, when the party has ended, send your guests home with these Gaming Party Treat Bags full of great party snack and favors!

Although you've celebrated most courageously, our quest is sadly nearing its end. It was surely a wild romp fraught with perils and near misses, yet I have no doubt that you and your intrepid band of heroes have taken the day. A brave group such as yours deserves no less than the finest of parting gifts, so send your guests off in a noble fashion with some of our righteous 8 bit party favors! These Neon 8 bit Sunglasses and fluorescent Robot Rings make for the most gallant of take-home gifts, while our 8 bit Personalized Thank You Notes are the perfect way to express gratitude to your guests for their part in making your party an event to remember.

Throwing the perfect party is a work of love. Seeing your guests fall in love with your work makes it all worthwhile. Our comprehensive selection of party supplies and convenient shipping options help ease the stress of planning that next big celebration. We at Birthday Direct want to help make your next party perfect; it's what we do!