Peace Sign Cake Banner Kit

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One Peace Sign Cake Banner Kit. Each kit contains a 6.5 inch by 5 inch Happy Birthday Banner and six 2.25 inch birthday cake candles. Place this groovy Peace Sign Cake Banner Kit on your homemade, or bakery cake. Arrange your candles however you like. You can also decorate cupcakes with your Peace Sign Cake Banner Kit. Simply slide each banner pole into a cupcake, and arrange the remaining cupcakes around the two base cupcakes.

Cupcake Decorating Idea:
Make Tie Dyed Cupcakes for your Peace Party: Separate your batter into cups before you bake, and dye your batter with food coloring. Drop teaspoons of different colored batter into your cupcake liners until they are as full as you would like. Do not stir. Bake and frost as usual. Your guests will be delighted when they bite into these groovy, Tie Dyed Cupcakes.
One Peace Sign Cake Banner Kit.

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