Pez Sourz Candy Rolls (8)

Pez Sourz Candy Rolls (8)
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One 8 count package of 12 count Pez Sourz Candy Rolls. Flavors included are as follows: sour pineapple, sour green apple, sour watermelon, and sour blue raspberry. Each roll contains 12 pieces of Pez candy, and there are two rolls of each flavor in each package. Refill your Pez dispenser with these Pez Sourz Candy Rolls. Kids love Pez dispensers, and with these Pez Sourz Candy Rolls you can keep them fully stocked up. If you are getting Pez dispensers as party favors then you can stuff one of the packages of our Pez Sourz Candy Rolls into their treat bags too. Be sure to check out our wonderful selection of Pez dispensers.
One 8 count package of 12 count Sourz Candy Rolls.

This package includes the following: