Princess Expandable Pull String Pinata

Princess Expandable Pull String Pinata
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One 15.5 inch Princess Expandable Pull String Pinata. Cute and sweet, this adorable expandable pinata makes a fabulous addition to your Princess birthday party decorations. This double sided, 24 string pinata ships empty and holds up to 3 pounds of candy and favors. Use this pinata for decoration until you are ready to start the fun and scramble for candies and favors.

Please note that the sides of the pinata and the pull strings may vary in color. The pinata orders are filled randomly. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a particular color.

How To Play:
  • Before the party, locate the fill hole on the pinata. Fill the pinata with up to 3 pounds of candy and small prizes. (Birthday Direct has a large selection of affordable party favors for you to choose from.)
  • Hang the pinata low enough so that everyone can reach a string.
  • Have the children sit or stand in a circle around the pinata.
  • Allow each child to take turns pulling firmly on the ribbons attached at the bottom of the pinata one at a time. (Only one of the ribbons will open the trap door that will release the candy and goodies inside.)

History Of Pinatas

Pinatas have brought laughter and joy to the faces of millions of people around the world for over 400 years. Pinatas were traditionally used to celebrate a successful harvest and were made out of clay pots filled with fruits and vegetables. Pinatas are usually now made of newspaper or corrugated cardboard, or a combination of both. The candy and prizes that you fill the pinata with represent good wishes. The first person to successfully break open the pinata will be rewarded with good luck throughout the coming year. Pinatas are great to use for many different occasions and events such as birthdays, carnivals, family reunions, festivals, school and church events.
One 15.5 inch Princess Expandable Pull String Pinata.

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