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Lavender Stretch Knit Headband, favor, each

Lavender Stretch Knit Headband, favor, each

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One 2.75-inch wide Lavender Stretch Knit Headband. The headband measures 5.75 inches long when laid flat and 11.5 inches around the inside. This chic, versatile Lavender Stretch Knit Headband will be the perfect accessory for your child's outfit. It is made of soft open-weave fabric interlaced with stretchy elastic for a snug fit. Wear it alone, or let your little fashionista add snazzy accessories to create her unqiue look. Our headbands are also great for party crafts and activities. Have a Lavender Stretch Knit Headband for each guest, and provide extras like ribbons, bows, and hair clips. Each girl has her osyle, so your guests will enjoy getting creative while making a pretty party favor they can wear home!

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