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Despicable Me Minions Temporary Tattoos, set, each

Despicable Me Minions Temporary Tattoos, set, each

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One 4 sheet package of Minions Temporary Tattoos. Each 4.5 x 4 inch sheet contains 6 tattoos on 1.5 x 2 inch perforated squares, for a total of 24 per package. These fun Minions Temporary Tattoos feature the Minions in different silly poses: with a blowout, doing karate, hugging...BANANAS? Ah yes, those beloved bananas. Our Minions Temporary Tattoos are quick and easy to use. Simply apply with water and remove with baby oil. Slip one or two tattoos into each invitation so your guests can wear them to the party. Use them in treat bags, pinatas, and as party game prizes. Your guests will go bananas for them!

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