Thanksgiving Photo Booth Prop Kit 10 piece

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One 10 piece Thanksgiving Photo Booth Prop Kit. This kit includes ten cardboard pieces attached to plastic sticks:

  • Two 7 x 5.75 inch collars
  • Two 6 x 4.75 inch Native American headbands
  • One 7.25 x 5.37 inch pilgrim hat
  • One 6.5 x 5 inch bonnet
  • One 4.62 x 2 inch glasses
  • One 6.75 x 5 inch beard
  • One 2.87 x 3 inch turkey beak
  • One 5 x 2.8 inch turkey drumstick

Create a fun, silly atmosphere at your party by including a Thanksgiving Photo Booth Prop Kit! Set up an area to take photos, or just lay out these props and let guests take candid shots. See if they can resist donning a funny hat or a beard!

One package of Thanksgiving Photo Booth Props.

This package includes the following: