Turtle Softy Soakers by Aurora - 6 in.

Turtle Softy Soakers by Aurora - 6 in.
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One 6 inch Turtle Softy Soakers by Aurora. This unique little turtle goes from flat to fat with only a little water! Just fill a bowl or other container with clean water, massage the Turtle Softy Soaker underwater for 40 seconds, then simply towel it off. you are ready to play! When fully expanded, your Turtle Softy Soaker will feel delightfully firm and squishy, as if it is filled with a dense gel, but you can control its softness by how much water is absorbed. Like magic, it will return to its original shape after a few days.

In addition to being awesomely absorbent, this turtle has green velvety fur, a pink shell, friendly embroidered eyes, and embroidered flowers on its shell.

Not a bath or pool toy. Over-soaking may cause leakage.


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