Jungle Safari Ribbon Banner

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One 4.5 foot long Jungle Safari Ribbon Banner. This adorable banner includes:
  • A 4 inch Monkey Cutout
  • A 4.5 inch Lion Cutout
  • A 4.12 inch Hippo Cutout
  • A 4.25 inch Zebra Cutout
  • A 5.12 inch "Happy Birthday" crate cutout
  • 4.25 inch leaf cutouts
  • 7 feet of brown satin ribbon
These cute animals and bright leaves are threaded along a length of shiny ribbon, so you can adjust the length of the banner by sliding the cutouts. Hang this Jungle Safari Ribbon Banner across a wall or along the edge of a table for instant fun. Brighten up your banner even more by tying colorful balloons to each end!

This package includes the following: