Party Better and Celebrate Naturally!

Honor Mother Earth while celebrating life’s special moments

Birthday Direct sustainability 2nd birthday toddlerBirthday Direct’s Eco-Printed Party Collections help you host a fantastic birthday party or baby shower using eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable, yet, stylish, elegant, and exclusive decorations. 

Eco-conscious party products from renewable materials like recycled content paper, palm leaves, sugarcane, and bamboo provide an eco-friendly alternative. We’ve managed to create fun, trendy, and stylish party decorations from all these natural materials, so you can use them to host the most fantastic birthday party.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Birthday Direct eco-friendly tent cardOur team at Birthday Direct focuses on finding new and improved ways to reduce carbon emissions from our manufacturing and minimize waste. 

Birthday Direct’s Eco-printed party decoration products decrease the impact on our earth and its natural resources. We also simplified the product packaging with less material.

Because we have much more control over our company-owned-and-operated facilities, the eco-footprint is lower. Our water footprint is relatively small. To further limit our water usage, we prioritize low-flow toilets, faucets, and we plant native species.

Birthday Direct eco-friendly adjustable centerpiece

We also work hard to lessen our energy demand by using daylight-design features, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

It means energy savings, better light quality, and lower environmental impact.

We installed a composting system to limit waste, phased out single-use plastics in our purchasing practices, developed an on demand product and trained our employees on minimal-waste initiatives.

What’s Next

Birthday Direct eco-party favor wrapsAs a party industry leader, it’s essential to partner exclusively with vendors and manufacturers that share our commitment to green initiatives.

By 2025 we plan to be a minimal-waste-to-landfill company. Becoming minimal-waste means that almost everything that leaves our doors will go to recycling or compost and not the landfill.

There will always be some outlier materials for which we can’t find a home, but we are actively minimizing their use. We are changing many of our operations, purchasing practices, and behaviors to do so.

We all need to care for the planet and to live in harmony with the environment around us.