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Harp Seal Aurora, 14 inch, each

Harp Seal Aurora, 14 inch, each

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One 15 inch Harp Seal by Aurora Destination Nation. This precious seal pup is sure to swim his way into your heart. Who can resist those sweet brown eyes? Our Harp Seal features ultra-soft fur, a fabric nose, and adorable flippers. His winter white fur matches the snowy regions where his species lives. Most harp seals love swimming, but this one also enjoys relaxing on his tummy with his front flippers stretched out. He'll love snuggling with you, too. Harp seals are social animals, so make sure he has another plush friend or two!

  • 14 inch
  • 1 count
  • plush
  • match your party theme
  • a sweet and cuddly party gift
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